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Girls in STEM

STEM Girls

STEM girls program is an initiative aimed at encouraging and empowering girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These programs provide opportunities for girls to engage in hands-on activities, workshops, mentorship, and networking events that expose them to various STEM fields and role models.

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At, we offer a STEM girls write a bolg program that focuses on inspiring and supporting girls in their STEM education and career paths. Our program aims to break down gender barriers and stereotypes by providing a supportive and inclusive environment for girls to explore their interests in STEM.

Through our program, girls have the opportunity to participate in coding workshops, robotics competitions, science fairs, and other STEM-related activities. We also provide mentorship programs where girls can connect with successful women in STEM fields who can guide and inspire them.

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A practice of science is to ask and refine questions that lead to descriptions and explanations of how the natural and designed world works
Science & Engineering Practices

Mastering 3-DL SEP: Unleash the Power of Asking Questions and Defining Problems

November 23, 2023 at 2:27:03 PM

Key factors perpetuating gender STEM gaps:

  • Gender Stereotypes: STEM fields are often viewed as masculine, and teachers and parents often underestimate girls’ math abilities starting as early as preschool.

  • Male-Dominated Cultures: Because fewer women study and work in STEM, these fields tend to perpetuate inflexible, exclusionary, male-dominated cultures that are not supportive of or attractive to women and minorities.

  • Fewer Role Models: girls have fewer role models to inspire their interest in these fields, seeing limited examples of female scientists and engineers in books, media and popular culture. There are even fewer Black women role models in math and science.

  • Math Anxiety: Teachers, who are predominantly women, often have math anxiety they pass onto girls, and they often grade girls harder for the same work, and assume girls need to work harder to achieve the same level as boys.

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