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Exemplary 4
Proficient 3
Developing 2
Beginning 1
Question Formation
Consistently forms clear, relevant, and curiosity-driven questions about weather patterns and changes.
Forms mostly clear and relevant questions about weather with occasional prompting.
Forms questions that are somewhat clear but may lack relevance or need significant prompting.
Struggles to form clear or relevant questions about weather patterns and changes.
Defining Problems
Clearly defines simple weather-related problems with a good understanding of context (e.g., "Why does it rain?").
Defines simple weather-related problems with some understanding of context.
Defines problems with limited clarity or context, often needing teacher guidance
Struggles to define weather-related problems or lacks understanding of the context.
Actively participates in discussions and activities, showing eagerness and curiosity about weather observations.
Participates in discussions and activities, showing interest in weather observations.
Occasionally participates in discussions and activities, needing prompting to engage.
Rarely participates or engages in discussions and activities, even with prompting.
Reflection & Discussion
Reflects thoughtfully on weather observations, making connections and asking follow-up questions.
Reflects on weather observations, sometimes making connections and asking questions.
Shows limited reflection on weather observations; needs prompting to make connections.
Does not reflect on weather observations or make connections, even with prompting.
Observation skills
Makes detailed, accurate, and consistent weather observations, noting multiple elements (e.g., temperature, clouds, precipitation).
Makes accurate weather observations, noting some key elements with occasional detail.
Makes observations but may miss key elements or details; needs some prompting.
Struggles to make accurate weather observations or misses most key elements without significant prompting.
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