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Dimension 1: Practices

Constructing explanations (for science) and designing solutions (for engineering)

The products of science are explanations and the products of engineering are solutions.

The objective of science is to develop theories that can offer comprehensive explanations for various aspects of the world. A theory gains acceptance when it proves superior to alternative explanations in terms of its ability to account for a wide range of phenomena and its logical consistency and simplicity. Scientific explanations entail the utilization of theories to explicate particular situations or phenomena, often employing a model based on the theory to analyze the system being studied. For students, the aim is to construct coherent and logical explanations for phenomena by integrating their existing scientific knowledge or using a model that reflects it, while ensuring that these explanations align with the available evidence.
Engineering design is a systematic approach to solving engineering problems that relies on scientific knowledge and models of the material world. The proposed solutions are derived from carefully weighing various factors such as desired functions, technological feasibility, cost, safety, esthetics, and legal compliance. It's important to note that there is rarely a single ultimate solution but rather a range of possibilities. The choice of the most suitable solution depends on the specific criteria used for evaluation.

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) recognize and emphasize the importance of three main dimensions for learning science. These dimensions are essential components in forming each standard—or performance expectation. When taken together, they allow students a chance to gain a more cohesive understanding of science concepts as they progress through their courses.

Science Education

Three Dimensional Learning

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