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Dimension 1: Practices

Engaging in argument from evidence

Argumentation is the process by which explanations and solutions are reached.

Reasoning and argumentation play a crucial role in the scientific process as they help scientists identify the strengths and weaknesses of different lines of reasoning. This is essential for finding the most accurate explanation for natural phenomena. Scientists must be able to defend their explanations by providing evidence that is grounded in reliable data. Furthermore, they must be willing to critically evaluate their own understanding based on the evidence and feedback from others. Collaboration with peers is also vital in order to collectively search for the best possible explanation for the phenomenon under investigation.
Reasoning and argumentation play a crucial role in the field of engineering, as they allow engineers to find optimal solutions to problems. Throughout the design process, collaboration with fellow engineers is key, especially during the critical stage of selecting the most promising solution from various options. Engineers employ systematic methods to compare alternatives, relying on test data to formulate evidence. They construct well-supported arguments based on this evidence to defend their conclusions. Additionally, engineers critically evaluate the ideas of others and make necessary revisions to their designs in order to achieve the optimal solution for the given problem.

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) recognize and emphasize the importance of three main dimensions for learning science. These dimensions are essential components in forming each standard—or performance expectation. When taken together, they allow students a chance to gain a more cohesive understanding of science concepts as they progress through their courses.

Science Education

Three Dimensional Learning

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